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We are pleased to advise you that as a loyal Cyber Sleuth Supreme subscriber, we are migrating you onto our next generation telematics platform, Safe and Sound.

The unit in your vehicle, your subscription amount and contract period will remain unchanged, and you will now have access to industry-leading additional functionality via the Safe and Sound website and smartphone app.

Please visit the Safe and Sound website - http://www.safeandsound.netstar.co.za – to register and access the new functionality that is now available to you. You will need to register as a new user on the Safe and Sound website by creating a username and password for the site. For guidance on how to register please click on the FAQs link on the website.

Once you activate your Safe and Sound profile, you will receive automated monthly trip reports for your vehicle/s, via email.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need historical trip reports for 2015/16 for tax purposes, please ensure that you have downloaded these reports via the Cyber Sleuth website as you will not have access to this data indefinitely.

Please go to the app store and download the Safe and Sound app. The same username/password is used to log on to both the Safe and Sound website and app. Some of the features you now have access to include:

• Trip replay (last 32 days on map)
• SARS logbook and trip reports
• Licence and service alerts
• Driver behaviour alerts, such as harsh braking and cornering, speeding
• Sharing vehicles for added peace of mind

If you’d like more information or need assistance, please contact our Customer Services team at 011 207 5006 or cs@netstar.altech.co.za.


Q: How do I register on the Safe and Sound website?

Q: Do I need to fit another unit to my vehicle?
A: No, the unit in your vehicle remains the same, the user interface options and functionality (website and smartphone app) have been upgraded to the latest telematics technology platforms.

Q: Will my subscription amount or contract change?
A: No all your subscriber conditions will stay exactly the same.

Q: How do I download the smartphone app and register?

Q: What Safe and Sound option do I have now that I have been migrated from Cyber Sleuth Supreme?
A: The functionality available to you is unique to Cyber Sleuth Supreme migrated users, and can be accessed by logging onto the Safe and Sound website or app.

Q: I’d like to upgrade my service so that I have access to all the Safe and Sound features and benefits, including JammingResist™.
A: Please contact our Telesales team at 011 207 5005 or ts@netstar.altech.co.za to find out about our special upgrade offers

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